Quantanium Reinforced with Titanium for the Ultimate in Non-Stick Cooking!

Tough & Durable For Maximum Performance

$100 Value with Free Special Bonus! As a special bonus you’ll receive TWO Free Recipe Books and TWO 10” SAUTÉ PANS! For Only $19.95 + S&H

3-1 Kitchen Essential • non-stick cookware • non-stick bakeware • non-stick ovenware

• Durable and tough enough to withstand years of cooking • 100% non-stick surface allows for fat-free cooking and easy clean-up • Non-toxic and PGOA-Free • Surface of the pan is guaranteed to never chip, peel or wear away • Detachable handle lets you go from stove-top to oven as bake-ware and oven-ware

Perfect for Fat-free Cooking

QTech Cookware will quickly become the only cookware you’ll ever use. The non-toxic, PFOA-Free surface makes for the perfect way to cook all of your favorite foods without having to use artery-clogging oils and butter. QTech cookware is the only cookware of its kind to utilize a detachable handle enabling you to go from stove top to oven, allowing you to turn your pans into oven and bake-ware. QTech is proud to offer you two 10” sauté pans for only $19.99! We’ll even throw in a free recipe book.